What we've changed...

We hope you like the snazzy new HRZone; the changes are many, but hopefully the confusions are few!

We've tried to make every part of the site look and work as best it can for our readers, meaning in addition to tweaking some existing parts of the site, we've also added a few new treats for you.

Some key changes to keep an eye out for:

The Main Menu
Our old navigation wasn't as good at showing off our content, so we've now bundled our articles under handy headings to allow you to find the content you need quickly. The four key areas are now 'Talent', 'Perform', 'Lead' and 'Engage', with each of them having their own subcategories - we hope you'll find them useful and much more intuitive than the old layout.

New Member Profile Pages
To make the HRZone community as good as it can be, we've improved the member profile pages, both in terms of looking prettier and being easier to use. You can put in your personal details and list other places we can find you such as Twitter or LinkedIn, you can also see the blog posts and comments you've written, as well as monitor what responses you've had from other members. We want you all to have as much opportunity to interact with each other and discuss our content as you can.

New Registration
We've simplified our registration process for new members, including the option to sign in using your preferred social media account. We've also simplified the process for downloading reports and whitepapers.

Where before we had Any Answers, now we have Discuss - ask a question to our expect HR community, or start a debate around an important industry issue.

Infinite scroll
You can now access even more content on any page - as you scroll down it will continue to show more features and suggestions until you find something that takes your fancy. 

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