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As a publication for senior HR and people professionals, we are mostly concerned with how we can help HR prepare for the changing nature of work and solve today's organisational challenges.

If an article is fresh, insightful and interesting to our audience, we will consider posting it, regardless of whether it fits into our monthly themes, and especially if it ties in with our overarching theme for 2021, which is...

Company culture

When businesses were forced to adopt new ways of working in 2020, the value of a strong organisational culture quickly became apparent, leading many progressive businesses to reassess their values, purpose, policies and – at the very core – their cultural DNA. In 2021 and beyond, building and sustaining a thriving people-first culture will be critical to success. With this in mind, HRZone’s overarching theme for 2021, which will feed into each month's theme, is company culture.

Our monthly themes throughout 2020 are as follows:

  • January: Wellbeing in the workplace

    With the festive period coming to an abrupt end and Covid-19 still impacting our daily lives, the typical January blues will be intensified for many. In this critical period, we will explore some of the wellbeing issues of top concern in 2021 and offer insights on how to create and implement a more impactful wellbeing agenda in the tough year ahead.

  • February: Work reimagined
    How is the Covid-19 pandemic, a recession, political upheaval and more going to impact the way we work? And how can HR stay relevant during these changing tides? This thought-leadership hub will explore these future-forward questions and offer guidance.

  • March: Diversity, inclusion and belonging
    With the Black Lives Matter Movement sparking renewed focus on workplace diversity and inclusion in 2020, business leaders are looking to HR for greater traction with D&I efforts. This hub will offer practical tips, ideas and considerations for implementing a D&I strategy with real impact.

  • April: Business skills and influence for HR leaders
    Many HR leaders have been proving their worth to business executives during the pandemic, but looking longer-term how can senior people professionals maintain (or enhance) their credibility, influence and stature? This collation of articles will explore the key challenges faced by HR leaders today – including leadership buy in, demonstrating ROI, understanding business drivers, establishing trust, utilising data – and offer tips and strategies for elevating their business reputation.

  • May: Shaping company culture in an uncertain world
    The events of 2020 taught us that a positive organisational culture is critical to adapting and remaining resilient in a turbulent climate. This hub will offer expert guidance and insights for the people professionals who are nurturing and reshaping workplace culture to better support wellbeing, inclusion, learning and productivity.
  • June: Building critical skills
    Gartner’s CHRO survey shows that the top priority for HR leaders in 2021 is building the right skills and capabilities to flex and thrive in a fast-changing climate. This hub will bring together real world insights and practical takeaways on creating agile talent pathways, boosting internal mobility and reskilling workforces to support business needs.
  • July and August: Employee experience
    An advice-driven, practitioner-focused collation of articles examining the impact of Covid-19 on the employee experience and how we can create more meaningful, engaging and frictionless work in a post-pandemic world.
  • September: The changing face of rewards and recognition
    People leaders must continuously keep a finger on the pulse of employee wants and needs to ensure their rewards and recognition offering is providing real value and serving a purpose. Here we will feature expert guidance and insights to help organisations refresh and refine their approach to employee rewards and recognition.

  • October: Digital transformation
    From artificial intelligence and automation, to robotics and advancing technology, to people data and analytics, the digital realm is fundamentally changing our organisations and how we work. This collation of articles will explore the technological nuances that people professionals must keep pace with to ensure both the businesses they work for and the HR profession itself remains relevant.

  • November: People-first productivity
    This content hub will offer guidance on how HR can impact an organisation’s productivity levels through championing a people-centric approach that is built on trust and empowerment, enhances the wellbeing and engagement of employees, and invests in the right technology to create seamless experiences and processes.

  • December: A look to 2022
    What trends are around the corner? And what lessons can we learn from 2021? We will do a round up of reflections from 2021, and a look ahead to 2022 trends.


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