Forward Features 2018

We don’t operate a standard forward features list of monthly themes because we are online-only. If an article is fresh, insightful and interesting to our audience, we will post it.

As an HR site, we are mostly concerned with how we can help HR prepare for the future of work and how HR can solve modern workplace challenges.

Basically, if an article can help HR do their jobs better with insight and advice, we’re interested.

Saying that, we do have several regular content series which you might be interested in contributing to:

  • A Day in the Life of - HR practitioners explain how they approach their work & daily challenges
  • For/Against - 2 industry experts give their opposing views on a key issue, eg. holacracy, millennials, appraisals...
  • HR After Dark - Anonymous submissions for annoyances or criticisms of the HR industry 
  • Academics Corner - Academics write about their latest research and its implications for HR professionals
  • Say hello to... - short interviews with HR professionals who are new to their role; asking them about their priorities and challenges.

We will also be focusing on the following key topics:

  • Wellbeing in the workplace (physical & mental wellbeing, depression, anxiety, OCD, mindfulness, sleep, cancer, long-term health conditions, resilience, conversations, role of line managers & organisations, training)
  • Organisational culture (values, collaboration, teamwork, innovation, agility, virtual teams)
  • Diversity and inclusion (unconscious biases, for/against quotas, dealing with discrimination, LGBT, disability, gender, age, BAME, neurodiversity)
  • Employee benefits (financial wellbeing, flexible benefits, health & wellbeing benefits, global benefits, improving uptake, benefits communication, communication pensions to younger employees)
  • Leadership (skills, development, recruitment, creating autonomy, innovation)
  • L&D (social learning, informal learning, mindset, line manager training, behavioural change, coaching, mentoring)
  • Digital learning (gamification, adaptive learning, personalised learning, blended learning, virtual reality, AI)
  • Employee engagement (employee voice, motivation, autonomy, agile working, conflict management, communication)
  • HR tech (recruitment technology, onboarding technology, data & analytics, LMS)
  • Workforce management (recruitment, onboarding, employee development, soft skills development, manager development, leadership development apprenticeship levy)
  • Employment law updates (maternity/paternity, health & safety, discrimination, holiday etc)
  • Organisational security (cyber security, HR & IT working in partnership, cyber security at home etc)
  • Recruitment (recruitment technology, recruiting a diverse workforce, talent acquisition)
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