Forward Features 2019

We don’t operate a standard forward features list of monthly themes because we are online-only. If an article is fresh, insightful and interesting to our audience, we will post it.

As an HR site, we are mostly concerned with how we can help HR prepare for the future of work and how HR can solve modern workplace challenges.

Basically, if an article can help HR do their jobs better with insight and advice, we’re interested.

We will also be focusing on the following key topics throughout the year:

  • January: Wellbeing in the workplace
    Focusing on the mental and physical health of employees will not only lead to a happy, healthy workforce but will also improve productivity and performance. Sub-themes: physical & mental wellbeing, depression, anxiety, OCD, mindfulness, sleep, cancer, long-term health conditions, resilience, conversations, role of line managers & organisations, training.

  • February: Employee experience
    An increasing number of organisations today are adopting this people-centric approach in a bid to improve the end-to-end employee journey. Sub-themes: Connection between customer experience and employee experience, employee journey mapping, EX technologies, culture, engagement, rewards, wellbeing and inclusion.

  • March: The changing face of employee benefits
    Providing a good employee benefits package is key to attracting and retaining talent, supporting the workforce's wellbeing and enhancing employee engagement. Sub-themes: personalisation, communications, real-time recognition and rewards, motivation, engagement, wellbeing, technology.

  • April: Belonging – the next step for diversity and inclusion?
    Employers will not reap the rewards of building a diverse and inclusive workforce if they do not consider the importance of belonging too. Sub-themes: the impact of belonging, implementing belonging within D&I initiatives, culture, emotional safety, innovation, creativity.

  • May: Modern leadership
    Improving your leadership skills, or those of your team, is about cultivation, a commitment to self-improvement and a safe environment for trying new ideas. Sub-themes: Inclusive leadership, connected leadership, women in leadership, authenticity, skills and development.

  • June: The human-focused workplace
    In an era of evolving technology and business disruption, employers must not forget their most valuable asset their people. Sub-themes: care, trust, recognition, relationships, altruism, teamwork, emotional intelligence.

  • July: People analytics
    People analytics has shifted from a 'nice to have' to a 'need to have' within HR. Sub-themes: transforming organisational design, advancing employee experience, making smarter people-based decisions, scientific people analytics, strategy, common challenges, storytelling.

  • August: Workplace productivity
    The rapid development of new workplace technologies has not yet translated into improved productivity. How can we solve the productivity puzzle? Sub-themes: wellbeing and productivity, engagement and productivity, agility, teamwork, communication, transparency, workflow, motivation, productivity-boosting tools and technologies.

  • September: Company culture
    Fostering the right company culture can make all the difference when it comes to attracting and retaining the best employees. Sub-themes: inclusion, transparency, engagement, 'cultural fit', language, branding.

  • October: HR for small businesses
    Insights and guidance on how to nurture the employee experience within small businesses. Sub-themes: Wellbeing, culture, engagement, diversity and inclusion, technology - all with a particular focus on SMEs

  • November: Learning and development
    Learning and development is rising up the corporate agenda. How can HR professionals create compelling learning experiences, making best use of the tools and technologies available? Sub-themes: learning culture, learner engagement, soft skills, skills gaps, learning technology
  • December: A look to 2020
    What trends are around the corner? And what lessons can we learn from 2019? Sub-themes: future trends, new conversations, reflections on 2019.
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