Editorial themes 2023

Throughout the year, HRZone will offer people professionals access to fresh evidence, tangible guidance and thought-provoking opinion on how to navigate the world of work in 2023 and beyond.

We welcome guest contributions from leading people practitioners and experts, providing the content is aligned with our overarching theme or core topics. You can get a snapshot of these on this page, or scroll to the bottom and click on the link to see our full 2023 editorial plan, with inspirational article ideas, guidelines on content types and more.

Our overarching theme for 2023 is...


HRZone's overarching theme for 2023 – 'Fortitude' – is in recognition of the hard graft people leaders need to, once again, put in to support their people and protect their organisations. 

Throughout the year, we will provide tangible advice and thought-provoking opinion on the most troublesome issues falling into the laps of HR. Alongside this, we will publish guidance to support people professionals on a human level. To help them protect their own wellbeing, remove barriers halting personal growth and fulfil ambitions. 

Our core topics for 2023

We no longer focus on monthly themes or forward features. We publish relevant, fresh content throughout the year on the following topics related to the people profession.

  • Conscious culture: We are our people

    We are looking to explore how to build a people-centred and flourishing culture when there are resource and financial constraints. How does an HR professional go about improving the treatment and engagement of an organisation’s people? How do other factors such as ethics, environmental impact, political changes and social values shape workplace culture?

  • DEI: Welcoming everyone into our working community
    We are seeking content from underrepresented groups to understand where workplace culture falls short and how we can make sure that all people are welcomed, included and belong. These action-focused features will help us build a working community where nobody is left behind or forgotten and, as a result, build an organisation that thrives because of its inclusivity.

  • The shifting pillars of employee wellbeing
    Employee wellbeing is a complex people issue that can’t simply be solved with a suite of wellbeing benefits or a subscription to the latest wellbeing app. We’re therefore seeking content that helps HR holistically support the mental, financial, physical, social and digital wellbeing of their workforce, with guidance on how to respond adaptively so that people’s needs are met.

  • Understanding employee minds and behaviours
    If we don’t understand our individuals and teams – as well as how they interact and function as part of the whole – the organisation becomes less conscious than a mechanical system, and twice as blind. We’re seeking content that uncovers the neuroscience, behaviour and social psychology of employees so that people professionals can better care for and develop their workforce.

  • Learning and development ignited
    If employees aren’t learning, they’re thinking about leaving. People professionals must therefore offer their workforce opportunities to learn all the time, in many ways. We are looking for guidance-led features that tap into this challenge by igniting a progressive approach to learning and career development.

  • Recession-proof employee lifecycles
    Businesses cannot afford to make poor moves and lose good people during an economic downturn. Recruitment, retention and offboarding approaches need adapting to mitigate this risk. We’re looking for distinct, actionable insights on how to adjust each phase of the employee lifecycle in these bitter times to uphold inclusivity, integrity and value.

  • HR’s role in organisation design
    Organisation design and development remains an untapped lever in HR’s toolbelt. We are therefore looking for detailed, step-by-step guidance on the key elements of sustainable organisation design, business agility and change management in 2023 and beyond.
  • The leadership balancing act
    We are seeking tangible guidance that addresses the complexity of leadership today. For example, the balancing act between a healthy bottom line and a healthy workforce, tips on ethical decision making in murky waters and pointers for weaving inclusivity into the fabric of the business.

Seasonal and current trends

We also welcome article pitches that focus on seasonal trends impacting the workplace and current affairs such as:

  • State of economy
  • Outed toxic organisations / leaders 
  • Changing employment legislation
  • Marginalisation and prejudice of underrepresented groups

For more details on what we're looking for (and what we're NOT looking for) from guest articles, click on the link below.

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