Case Study Submission Guidelines

We really want to feature good-quality case studies on HRZone but unfortunately we have to turn away the majority of case studies submitted for one of a few reasons:

  • Emotive language - 'staggeringly good results,' 'unprecedented improvement'
  • Lack of key learnings - all content on our site has to help HR professionals do their jobs more effectively but the case study focuses too much on the story and not enough on the learnings
  • No coverage of challenges - in any case study many of the key learnings come from overcoming challenges but the case study focuses only on the positive outcomes and doesn't offer a balanced overview
  • 'Filler' quotes - we want quotes in case studies to offer useful, informative opinions but the quotes simply stress how successful the initiative has been or similar

If you have written a case study that you do not think will be rejected for the reasons above, please email with more details.

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