How do I pitch an article idea to you?

Please email

  1. Your proposed title - 50-60 characters long
  2. A synopsis of your article - tell us why your article will appeal to HR directors
  3. Author - who the writer is and a bit about their background
  4. Where the article fits into our site navigation

Please do not follow up by telephone.


How can I make sure my pitch is accepted?

  • Say something original - don’t rehash what’s been said many times before
  • Be objective - if there’s a clear bias or agenda we’ll need to reject your pitch
  • Tell us what’s important - not the context - we don’t need loads of scene-setting and nor do our audience. Tell us what’s new and what’s important

What does a great article look like?

  • It’s 800-1200 words long
  • It gets straight to the point - there’s no pointless scene-setting
  • It’s something new or fresh or thought-provoking - it’s not something we’ve seen a thousand times
  • It’s made for reading online - no huge chunks of text but light paragraphs with extensive use of subheadings
  • There’s real insight - it’s not just pushing forward towards a particular course of action
  • There are clear next steps - what should a reader do after reviewing the article?

We require all features to be exclusive to HRZone so we ask that they aren't posted anywhere else. We will ask you to confirm this in writing via email.

Please read the following guidelines before submitting a pitch:

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