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The top navigation bar on HRZone is split into four key areas which are broken down further as follows:

  • Talent: Acquisition, Retention, Development
  • Perform: Business, People
  • Engage: Employees, Managers, Customers
  • Lead: Culture, Change, Strategy, Future

Each piece of content that gets posted on HRZone must fit into one of these categories.

This is what each category means:


  • Culture: How can HR take the lead in developing the right culture for employees and the business?
  • Change: How can HR take the lead and ensure effective change management programmes in the workplace?
  • Strategy: Ensuring HR strategy is linked with organisational goals and being a key player in defining business strategy
  • Future: What will the future workplace look like and what will HR need to do to prepare for this future? How can HR have a hand in developing this future?


  • Acquisition: Bringing the right people into the business at the right time, not just recruitment by internal mobility and succession planning.
  • Retention: How to keep talent within the company and ensure that your staff have good reasons to stay
  • Development: Ensuring that individuals have the capability, willingness and focus to perform at work


  • People: Modern HR must be concerned with the performance of the people inside and outside the organisation, including employees and senior leaders
  • Business: Modern HR must also have a holistic view of organisational performance and ensure that HR strategy aligns with, and drives, the performance of the business


  • Employees: Creating realistic and forward-thinking employee engagement strategies that bolster retention, wellbeing and organisational performance
  • Managers: Creating two-way feedback streets with line managers and ensuring their are engaged, productive and innovating
  • Customers: Connecting the employee experience with the customer experience and engaging customers with staff development and creating better customer service provisions

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